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Past Projects:

  1. TASH Networking partnered with a fortune 100 company to manage, design and code the data conversion requirements for a State Government TANF project. IBM WebSphere Application Developer (WSAD) was used with Java. The Curam framework and data model were extensively researched in order to populate the tables directly via bulk loads and programmatically using SQL. IBM's DB2 was the production database while UDB, Oracle, and MS Access databases were also used during the development of the data conversion application
  2. Converted large mainframe manufacturing system (COPICS) into a PC-based JAVA application which uses Swing, JDBC and TCP/IP networking
  3. Port JAVA application to use Microsoft's .NET framework, converting JAVA code to C-Sharp
  4. Converted CICS system from mainframe to running on Windows/NT using IBM's Transaction Server software
  5. Designed, coded, managed and implemented automated electronic Conversion of VSAM-to-DB2 database conversion, and ADABAS integration


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